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Winter Wonderland

By roses382, Feb 1 2019 09:20AM

The garden in Winter gets better each year as the structure develops. I love the fact that I have time to wander and enjoy it. The summer months are so frantic, and the highlights of Winter obscured by the froth of Roses, flowering shrubs and annuals. The contrast between the Yew topiary and the trimmed Beech is reminiscent of Beech woodland with a carpet of Ivy; the brown of the retained beech leaves contrasting with the deep green of the Yew. The golden backdrop of branches are the Lime Avenue across the road to Kingston Manor. From this viewpoint the road is unnoticeable, obscured by the beech hedge between, and clipped hollies, beautifully shaped by Becky.

The Yews were planted as 5ft trees, about 4 years ago. I had originally planned them as cones, but returning from a trip to Versailles, I got the clippers out, and since then Digby has taken them on and they are developing into wonderful shapes. He is much more patient than me!

The Beech trees will eventually be 3 tiered 'Wedding cake' shapes.

The frosting is like the icing on the cake, making everything sparkle in the weak sunlight.

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