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Wildflower meadows

By roses382, May 28 2016 08:26AM

It's nearly June, and every day I see something new in the Wildflower meadow that we sowed a few years ago. The Sorrel is dominating at the moment; a soft red haze that floats above the smaller things. Ragged Robin is flowering it's heart out. It was in the seed mix but I never thought it would survive our dry sandy soil. Bird's Foot trefoil is just starting to flower, along with Meadow Buttercup, wild Forget me nots, Yellow Rattle, amongst many other things.

The third image is the grassland that we have not improved. It is a colourless mix which seems almost devoid of insect life and colour in comparison to the area that we have sown. We hope over the years to improve as much of the land as we can. It is so rewarding to see the meadow swarming with all sorts of insect life, which, of course, has a knock-on effect with regard to feeding the birds/bats etc.

The meadow will have an annual cut later in the summer, and we will remove all of the top growth, but until then, it will continue to get better as the weather warms up. I will post more pictures when it is at it's best.

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