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Tree tidying and other things

By roses382, Mar 23 2016 09:18AM

We inherited with the garden, 2 Horse Chestnuts, which had been pollarded in the distant past. In the 14 years that we have been here, they have been neglected and had turned into a mad tangle of shoots popping out from everywhere, and shading the beds behind and underneath. So, with the addition of Digby to the team, it was a great opportunity to finally sort them out. They now are a much nicer shape, with uncrowded growth which will let more light where it is needed. Thank you Digby, great job!

We have also pruned back the dogwoods and coloured willows around the pond. I like to put some of these in a bucket on the stone bench as it seems such a waste not to enjoy them when the colours are at their finest. We have Cornus alba 'sibirica' and 'midwinter fire' along with Salix alba 'britzensis' and 'golden ness'. Arranged in the bucket with a backdrop of dark green Yew, they look bright as a bonfire, with the added advantage that some of them will root while they are in the water, and I can pot them up to make new plants.

Elsewhere in the garden, spring has truly sprung. The daffodils in the Orchard have been lovely, mainly Tete-a-tete flowering at the moment, with Winston Churchill, Yellow Cheerfulness and Pheasant's Eye yet to flower. Primroses are everywhere, and the first of the Cowslips are flowering in the Wild flower meadow.

And the rest as they say, is all to come!

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