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By roses382, May 14 2019 03:15PM

The Yew 'people' as we call them, on the lawn at the back of the house, are developing nicely. They were planted 5 years ago, as 5ft. trees, and were originally planned as cones. They have since developed their own distinct personalities, and seem to bring the area to life in a strange way, looming over the space and casting wonderful shadows. They can be seen from the top of the hill above the garden, and are wonderful with a fairytale coating of frost. They are also a favourite nesting site for birds, usually Dunnocks, and as the Yews are trimmed in the Winter, the birds are safe in there, unless a predatory magpie intervenes.

In the borders surrounding the Yews, this time of year everything is just about to happen. There are Viburnum opulus 'roseum' , (the Snowball bush), and Tree Lupins just beginning to flower, but otherwise I am enjoying the contrasting greens and the lushness of the Spring growth. It is excting to look forward to a few weeks ahead when the roses and perennials come into their own.

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