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The Well Garden

By roses382, Jun 3 2017 09:25PM

In my last post I wrote about clashing colours; this is the bigger picture; we call it the Well garden, not in any spiritual sense, but simply because there is an ancient Well, situated in a prominent position in the middle of a path. When we moved here, the Well was covered by flagstones. Now it houses a pump which we use to top up the two ponds and is a very useful water source. It has a glass circular top, and ferns have colonised the circular walls beneath.

The Well Garden is enclosed by the house walls on one side, and a Yew hedge on the other, meaning I can plant boldly here without it jarring with the rest of the garden. The plants here include Alstroemeria 'Orange Glory', Alchemilla Mollis for the lime green, Rosa Chianti, Charles de MIlls, William Lobb and Tuscany Suberb provide magenta and burgundy, with Crocosmia 'Lucifer' and deep red Dahlias to flower later. The stone table is favoured by pigeons and the occasional pheasant - I rarely sit down!

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