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The Walled Garden

By roses382, Jun 15 2017 07:17AM

The Walled Garden was built by my father over 10 years ago now, but looks as though it has always been here. It was built to keep rabbits away from the vegetables, but now I grow a mix of everything here, from soft fruit to herbs to flowers for cutting, and of course, vegetables too. Currently it is very colourful; the dahlias have started to bloom already. Normally these would just be starting at the end of June. I left the Sweet Williams in from last year and they seem to be just as productive as the self sown ones that I moved into a new patch. The weeping standard roses 'Francoise Juranville' are stunning from June until at least October; so floriferous that deadheading is a major event! They have been planted about 9 years I think, and when younger were a constant source of worry when the high winds came. Now their trunks are so thick they seem to take any amount of wind, aided by the hedges which have grown thick. (The long side of the Walled garden closest to the house has a low wall, with Yew and Holly in front as I didn't want the wall to be a dominant feature).

This area will get more colourful as the summer goes on - the dahlias will get into full swing and the annuals sown in Spring will soon take over from the Autumn self-sown ones, such as Cornflowers and a big block of Orlaya Grandiflora.

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