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The Orchard

By roses382, Apr 15 2017 09:04AM

After writing about how beautiful the Orchard is looking, I took the camera out this morning while puppy was sleeping (after a very early start!). The Magnolia 'Genie' is a soulangeana hybrid which I planted about 5 years ago. It flowered from an early age, and is a prolific flowerer, having it's main flush now and then intermittent blooms right through the summer, even into early autumn.

The second pic is the view through the Orchard from the driveway, up into the old Pig Field which is a fairly new wild flower meadow. It is a pleasure to see everything growing and getting better each year. We planted all the trees, and the native hedge which divides the Orchard from the Pig Field, and after 14 years of living here, it feels like it has always been here.

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