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Spring at last!

By roses382, Apr 17 2019 10:27AM

The last few weeks have seen many cold nights, with frosts on a regular basis (we are at the bottom of a slope which does mean the frost sits just over the main garden). The winds have been Easterly, cold and drying, with not much in the way of rain. So this morning was one to treasure; milder and misty with the promise of sunshine, and no wind. A perfect Spring morning, and wonderful, filtered light for photography.

The photo below shows Cercis chinensis 'Avondale', to the left of the gate into the walled garden. This is one of a pair, although the right hand one, is slower and smaller, as always happens when I carefully plant a pair! Just in front, another pair, of Chimonanthus Praecox, Wintersweet, which after quite a few years wait, now scents the path with that sweet, spicy scent, for weeks in the darkest depths of Winter.

The tulips in the Urn are 'Charming Lady', a favourite for it's long lasting, eggy yellow, double blooms, along with 'Yellow Crown' and yellow wallflowers, which are currently outshone by the tulips.

The Rambling Rose on the archway is 'Bleu Magenta', a gorgeous slatey, bruised purple when in flower.

The two smaller iron urns last year contained just the Mexican Daisy, Erigeron Karvinskianus,which flowered for months with no intervention and very little in the way of water, so that is something that will be repeated this summer.

It finally feels like we have turned a corner weatherwise, and I am looking forward so much to many joyous days outside.

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