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Snow in Summer

By roses382, Jun 13 2017 08:03PM

The newest of the Wildflower Meadows got off to a slow start, but now in it's second Summer it is looking quite spectacular. There is a lovely mix in there, including Bird's Foot Trefoil, Self-Heal, Knapweed, Pink Musk Mallow (just about to flower), lots of Yellow Rattle, already setting seed, Plantains, Sorrel and fine grasses. But the Ox Eye Daisies are so prolific that, from a distance, it looks just like a field of snow, slightly incongruous in the middle of Summer! The photos don't do it justice; yesterday I had a lovely Horticultural Society for a visit, and there were lots of 'Ooohs' and 'Aaahs'. One lady had had Ox Eye Daisies for her Wedding Bouquet and said the sight made her quite emotional.

This Sunday we are opening for the NGS so come along and see it if you can!

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