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An occasional (depending on how busy I am gardening!) comment on beautiful plants or moments as they happen in our garden.


By roses382, Jun 3 2019 08:03PM

The walled garden is so bright and colourful at the moment you almost need sunglasses! This is mostly down to the colourful annuals that self-seed prolifically and hence bloom earlier than the ones I sow in spring. At the moment the Californian Poppies are almost neon and the flowers seem huge this year. There is also vivid blue from the Cornflowers, and pinks and reds from the Shirley poppies. I weed the self-sowers out where I don't want them, but they certainly liven things up a bit until the Dahlias and Cosmos get going, and they are great for the bees too. The climbing rose in the background is the beautiful 'Meg'; a gorgeous pinky apricot with rusty red stamens.

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