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Seasonal variations

By roses382, Oct 17 2016 08:48PM

I am always photographing the garden, and when the evenings draw in, the opportunity arises for me to look back through them and review how things perform through the different seasons.The 3 photos that follow are a good example of how things are constantly changing, and by reviewing these, it allows me to see things from a different perspective, which is a very useful way of assessing the garden.

The first was taken in July, the second in August and the third in mid October. The first shows a rather neat scene, with everything looking lush and pretty. The star of the show at this time of year is the fluffy pink Filipendula rubra 'Venusta', a vigorous grower by the side of the pond here. As we go into August, things are a bit more lax and rampant with Persicaria amplexicaulis and Lythrum Salicaria making a good show, and a feast for the invertebrates. Then by October, the Autumn tints really start to change things up - the foliage from the Horse Chestnuts is diminishing, and the Euonymus are bedecked with their beautiful seed pods, set off by foliage turning shades of butter yellow, crimson or purple, depending on the cultivar.

It is interesting to note that the pale pink Persicaria Campanulata to the left of the path is flowering in July, and still going now, well into October, with stems now turning bright red. I love the way that things that stay in the background all summer suddenly put on a wonderful show this time of year, such as the Miscanthus Purpurescens, which makes an orange fountain in the brooding autumn light.

The little Wendy House is sadly on it's last legs and might not last another winter without renovations.

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