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By roses382, Jun 5 2017 11:09AM

The Rose Cutting Garden is situated just outside the main garden, on the edge of the wilder bits. It is flowering more profusely than ever this year. Tomorrow we are expecting 50 mph winds and heavy rain so it won't be looking this nice for long! This picture shows the Duck House in the background. I have planted dog roses to the side of this and the shell pink and glaucous matte foliage is a lovely foil for the soft green paint. I like the wild roses just as much as the colourful hybrids, especially the apple scented 'Eglanteria' which is in the hedges surrounding the Orchard and smells strongest after rain.

In the foreground is 'Rhapsody in Blue' and Young Princess (deep red) with 'Petite d'Hollande' (pale pink) and Rosa glauca (rubrifolia) behind.

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