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An occasional (depending on how busy I am gardening!) comment on beautiful plants or moments as they happen in our garden.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, and pink, and white.....

By roses382, Mar 13 2017 10:35AM

Quite a few years ago now, I planted several varieties of Sweet Violet under shrubs, and hedges. They have spread rampantly, and this time of year, there are Violets wherever I look. The longest Yew Hedge is underplanted with them, and even though they are on the shady side, the smell of them is strong and heady as I walk down the path, reminding me of those sweets from childhood days, Parma Violets, which seemed to perfectly catch the scent and flavour.

If I have time, or have a special cake to make, I crystalliize some of the flowers to decorate with. Our daughters love these and often they don't even make it to the cake!

The flowers don't last long once cut. The bottle that is the perfect shape and size for them is one of many dug out of the garden, a relic from the Victorians who didn't have refuse collection so used to bury them in the ground. The complete ones are displayed on a shelf, each filled with a bird feather from our walks, from Barn Owl to Buzzard to Woodpecker. The heart shape leaves provide the perfect foil for the violets.

Mar 19 2017 10:15PM by Maria O'Flaherty

How beautiful your garden is. I am starting from scratch and cut out an article about your garden several years ago from a magazine as an example of what can be achieved! It is truly inspirational x

Apr 9 2017 09:06AM by roses382

Hello Maria, apologies for late reply, I have only just seen your comment. Thank you so much! The garden gives me so much joy, and starting from scratch is a wonderful journey that you will learn so much from along the way. Good luck with it all!

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