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Poor Pumpkin planning

By roses382, Oct 25 2015 08:34PM

Every year I seem to mis-manage the Pumpkin growing. Last October saw us with a surfeit of Halloween pumpkins, but no other squashes. This year, a few small Butternuts and a few blue 'Crown Prince' were all I managed, and after plenty of nagging from daughter 3, I ended up having to buy an orange pumpkin, as Halloween can't possibly be received with a blue one!

Back in the summer, I went to a fascinating talk by James Wong at Ventnor Botanic, and he was extolling the virtues of keeping Squashes for several months to get maximum sweetness from them. Unfortunately I couldn't wait that long and two have already been turned into Butternut Squash and apple soup.

The small crop I did grow looked very pretty on the Patio table.

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