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Plant supports

By roses382, Feb 3 2019 03:51PM

With the ground too frozen for working, I have been out cutting Hazel, Willow and Birch for making plant supports. I will make Bean supports with the larger straight stems of Hazel, with the woven horizontals made of Willow where they can't root! Today I managed to push some stems of Birch into the hard ground among some of the perennials that will need support later, and wove some cages. This is very unlike me to be so organised; usually I am trying to rectify the damage done after a windy day when I should have staked before! There is something satisfying about getting ahead of myself though and it has been really enjoyable weaving the twiggy stems of Birch around one another. Six cages done in no time at all and it is a good feeling utilising wood grown here. Hopefully the supports will blend nicely in as the plants grow. I also made a couple of Birch wreaths and hung them in the shed in preparation for next Christmas!

Mar 12 2019 04:18AM by Scott

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-Scott Matthews Sr.

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