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Pacific Coast Iris

By roses382, May 6 2017 07:00PM

A couple of years ago, a lovely lady called Iris (appropriately), kindly gave me some Pacific Coast Iris seeds. These are hybrids of Californian species and can come in many different colours. I hadn't come across these before, and was excited when they germinated. Last year they didn't flower but produced lots of fine strappy foliage, almost like Libertia. This year they are flowering for the first time. There are 6 or 7 plants, the flowers all slightly different but complimentary in colour. I have them growing on a free draining sunny bank, although apparently they will also flower well in semi-shade. Preferring to be wet in winter and dry in summer, they seem quite happy where they are, although I am planning to split a clump when they have finished flowering, so I can try them in shadier parts of the garden. They seem rabbit proof and make a good cut flower. Thank you Iris, for the seeds!

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