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November already?

By roses382, Nov 1 2015 03:27PM

The first of November today, some of the photos taken today could have been of September, there is still so much in bloom, and the weather today was sunshine, mild and glorious. Far too nice to be indoors.

So I spent the morning in the wildlife pond, in my waders, fishing out copious amounts of pondweed; it grows so quickly that sometimes there is more weed than water and the poor Moorhens have to walk across it, rather than swim. It is a back breaking job, and I filled a whole trailer with weed, but have still plenty to go. Unfortunately my leaky waders were so full of pond water that I struggled to climb out. I thought that pictures of the beautiful things still in the garden would be far nicer than messy pond ones, so, top to bottom, taken today when my back could stand no more pond clearance;

The view through the Walled garden gate. Salvia 'Clotted Cream' in the Urn has been flowering for months, along with, in the borders, the stalwart Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' which is rarely not in flower, though not long lived.

Callicarpa bodinieri, I think this one is 'Profusion'.

The new borders (though I must think of a new name as they are not so new now). Still a lot going on, with the Erigeron annuus and Verbena bonariensis providing lots of flowers, the Cardoon stems still sculptural and proud, echoing the Monterey Pines at the top of the field, and the Tree Lupin 'Aurora Blue' ever bigger!

Liquidambar 'Worplesdon'

And lastly, one of my very favourite trees, Parrotia Persica.

A rather disparate series of images, but this time of year there is the contrast between the beauty of the Autumn tints, and others that still seem to think it's summer!

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