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NGS day comes around again

By roses382, Jun 19 2017 09:42AM

Yesterday we opened the gates in aid of the National Garden Scheme. The afternoon was sweltering, but we had 337 visitors, and most of them seemed to stay for several hours. Deckchairs and tables were placed in the shade wherever possible, and it was lovely to see people relaxing in the hammock in the shade of the apple trees. My better half was very pleased about this - he says that it was nice that people felt able to do this; most gardens we visit we wouldn't feel quite so at home in.

The Brighstone Scouts provided amazing Cream Teas and homemade cakes, and as usual, ran things like a military operation, but with added smiles. They were very happy to raise £739, and we raised in the region of £1500 on tickets and plants.

So many lovely comments were forthcoming, such as 'an afternoon to remember', and one man said it was the best £4.00 he had spent in a long while.

Huge thanks to the Scouts, and to my wonderful helpers Jo and Mary on plant sales, and the rest of my family for mucking in where required. It is quite a relief to have a brief respite today where I shan't be doing too much at all, well, perhaps watering, and there's an awful lot to deadhead, oh, and I spotted a few things going over which need to come out......

A few photos taken in the peace of the morning after,

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