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NGS 2019

By roses382, Jun 17 2019 07:40PM

Yesterday we opened for the NGS, and it was a very fraught week leading up to it, with gales and heavy rain just as the garden was at it's most vulnerable. I had staked many things earlier in the year, but the combination of rain and wind meant that I spent a good deal of the week propping things back up, or cutting them where damage had occurred. So I was feeling pretty fed up as NGS day dawned wet and windy. But my better half was optimistic and told me it would be fine, and of course, I should have known, he is always right (and I mean always!). The sun nearly came out, the people came, all 314 of them! And although I haven't done the final totting up, in the region of £2700 was made for charity, the NGS of course, and the Brighstone Scouts, who once again did a fantastic job on the teas and scrummy cakes.

A huge thank you to them, and to my band of willing (I hope!) helpers, without whom, we could not open. I am so grateful to you all.

Today I think, the garden has never looked as beautiful. It is that perfect moment before things loosen and slip a little into chaos. So here in celebration of that, are some photos taken today.

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