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Meadow update

By roses382, Jul 4 2016 01:17PM

We have made two Wildflower Meadows here. The second of which, we re-sowed last October after a sowing that didn't germinate. So, with bated breath, we have been waiting to see if it would be successful this year. I am pleased to report that it has germinated well, and is growing away nicely. It is a perennial seed mix, so will take a few seasons to get going, but has, in it's first summer, surpassed all my expectations. The Yellow Rattle is a key plant, as it helps to control the vigorous grasses by parasitising them. It has spread across the meadow in huge soft yellow drifts, and is now just setting seed. Purple Self-Heal has done very well also. I expected to see plenty of Ox Eye daisies, but there has just been a smattering; I think perhaps the abundant Rabbit population has kept these in check, probably a good thing as they can be too prolific to start with until things find a good balance. Trefoil, Field Pansies and Crested Dog's tail grass have all combined to make a really pleasing Meadow, considering it is in it's infancy, and we have seen plenty of blue Butterflies (not so good at identifying one species from another); also Meadow Browns and plenty of Moths. The lovely red field Poppy is a bit of an imposter as it wasn't in the seed mix, but popped up anyway, and looks so bright and cheerful that I may consider sowing a few in the Autumn, into bare patches once the Meadow has had it's annual cut.

I think I have mentioned before, that this second Meadow is on the site of our old Pig Field, and the land slopes gently up Eastwardsof the house. We have taken a small section of hedge out so that there is a lovely vista from the front door all the way up through to the Oak bench at the Meadow's highest point. In the photograph, the window that faces the meadow is our bedroom, so we also have a wonderful view from there. I have many favourite places in the garden, but this is surely one of them.

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