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Meadow Magic

By roses382, Aug 6 2017 07:32PM

Yesterday we cut the newest of the Meadows to the ground. Everything had set seed and it was a haze of brown. I always feel sad when we start cutting as it feels like the days of summer are numbered, and it only seems like yesterday when it all looked so beautiful and fresh, with so much still to come.

This evening I took the camera with us as we walked the dogs around the fields after dinner, and the older meadow is still a picture. Almost everything here has set seed now, apart from the Knapweed and Field Scabious. Looking across, it is a gorgeous haze of purple, and today the Goldfinches have been feeding in flocks on the seedheads, with many butterflies and moths still enjoying the flowers. The recent rains have freshened the grass paths making a lovely combination of green and purple. The last few months have seen so many beautiful combinations of flowers, from the Sorrel and Ragged Robin, through to the Daisies and Lady's Bedstraw, and finally the pink Musk Mallow and Knapweed, that I never tire of it.

We will be cutting this meadow in a couple of weeks, and removing the top growth. Unfortunately I don't have a shirtless man with a scythe (just as well or i'd never get any gardening done!), so it is done by tractor and finished in a day. And then I just have to wait until next year when it all happens again....

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