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By roses382, Feb 11 2016 09:50AM

It was such a beautiful, rare frosty morning this morning, that I popped my camera in my pocket as me and Jack were going on our walk. As we walked back down towards the house, the view was so lovely that it occurred to me how much I focus on the garden itself, and not the fact that we are so lucky to live in such peaceful surroundings; usually the only noises I hear when gardening are the birds singing, woodpeckers drumming, and the occasional bleating of the sheep, punctuated by our ancient cockerels piping in when they feel they want to be noticed.

The photo below shows a glimpse of the house, in between the trees that shelter us from the worst of the winds, with the hills to the north, dotted with sheep, and beyond, across to National Trust land at Chillerton.

For readers of these ramblings that haven't visited the garden, it will put the garden into context with the land around.

And for me, it has served as a reminder that I am surrounded by a little piece of heaven.

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