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June and Jack and Otto

By roses382, Jun 8 2016 08:50PM

The evenings have been so lovely recently, that I took the camera into the garden to catch the light before the weather turns this weekend, as is the forecast (just in time for our NGS day unfortunately). Looking at the pics afterwards I realised there are very few which don't have Jack in. He is like my shadow, following me around the garden, unobtrusively, just always there. It is actually not easy to take a photo without him in it, usually just hanging around, waiting to see if i'm going to do anything more interesting. He is a faithful and patient companion!

The garden is wonderful at the moment. The roses are just about to all open, the Irises still flowering strongly, peonies also beginning to look gorgeous. and everything just green and luscious and rampant.

Moles have suddenly decided to invade all this beauty, and have been creating havoc in the lawns and borders. Even worse than the moles though, is Otto, our long haired dachshund, who has taken it upon himself to eradicate the mole problem, and has decided to dig the little blighters out, therefore every time I go outside I find a new crater that Otto has created and I then have to go through the 'damage limitation' process, which usually involves a bucket of topsoil, a watering can, and sticking the bits of turf back in like a jigsaw puzzle. I am sure he has my best interests at heart, but sometimes I have to grit my teeth....

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