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July in the Well Garden

By roses382, Jul 1 2019 07:04PM

The Gallica rose to the left of the photo is Charles de Mills, a rose possibly dating back to 1790, but it's history is rather vague. It is the most beautiful rose, a deep carmine-purple with streaked petals which add depth to the velvety blooms, which are flat and distinctive. It is summer flowering but smothered in so many blooms that dead-heading is a lengthy job. This rose suckers so there are always many babies to pass on. The growth is lanky and whippy and the bush had got huge, so last winter I cut out about two thirds of the growth and pegged down the remaining long whippy shoots. The result is a bush that is smothered from tip to base in flowers. They make a good contrast with the 'Orange Glory' Alstroemerias and the lime green frothy flowers of Alchemilla mollis.

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