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Gardening with Nature

By roses382, May 11 2019 09:04PM

I spend a fair bit of time weeding things out where they have seeded and I don't want them to be, but there are many occasions where the perfect plant puts itself in the perfect place. and when this happens, it usually means the opportunist plant thrives without attention because it has chosen it's ideal growing spot.

The following two photos illustrate this perfectly. The stone steps down to the patio are filled in between with Viola labradorica, Primroses and variations of Lamium maculatum, which mingle and hybridise.

The Lamium is a vigorous spreader, but wonderful groundcover for inhospitable positions such as dry shade, or dry sun, it seems happy anywhere in fact. It is also a great early nectar provider for bees, and flowers for months.

The second image shows the edge of the Fish Pond where the mortar has cracked and various things have found their way here. Hart's Tongue fern, double Feverfew, wild strawberries, the Mexican Daisy - Erigeron karvinskianus, and the white form of Herb Robert, all have somehow seeded themselves vertically with no soil and soften the edges perfectly. The trick with this way of gardening is to know your seedlings and remove anything that might jar - the Feverfew may get too tall for example and then I may intervene. Otherwise I just enjoy the 'happy accidents'.

(The pond, I confess, is looking rather too full of pond weed owing to the fact that Toad-poles are currently prolific and it is almost impossible to extricate weed without them getting trapped in it, so that job will have to wait).

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