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Garden Plan

By roses382, Feb 4 2016 10:15AM

With all the horrible weather recently, I have had time to finally make an updated plan of the garden. On NGS days it is useful to have something to give out to visitors, as the garden is rather rambling, and people frequently miss the Wildflower Meadow, which, granted, is a short walk up the hill and can't be seen from the main garden.

This was also another reason to sow the new meadow, on the site of our old pig field, as this area slopes up to form a backdrop to the garden, and hopefully people that can't manage the fairly steep path to the old meadow, will still be able to enjoy the spectacle of wild flowers in June and July.

The plan was painted roughly in watercolours after sketching the layout, helped by google maps. (And I haven't touched a paint box since school too many years ago, so please excuse the childish painting style!). I then scanned it in and overlaid the text, and a few computer flower stamps to brighten a bit.

The result, whilst not being professional, is colourful and serves it's purpose, and hopefully will help visitors find their way around this summer!

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