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Delphinium Highlander 'Moonlight'

By roses382, Sep 20 2017 04:12PM

This year I have planted a number of Delphiniums in the borders to the rear of the Potting Shed. These four equal size plots are open to the ravages of rabbits, but Dahlias and Bearded Irisis do very well here in the open sunny position and remain largely untouched. With a bit of space in one of the beds I thought I would try Delphiniums as I had read that they are rabbit-proof. This does not always prove to be true and I have lost many so-called rabbit-proof plants, so I was sceptical. I can now report that Delphiniums are, here anyway, also untouched by rabbits.

One of the cultivars planted was from the 'Highlander' series, a range of double Delphiniums bred by a Scottish couple, Tony and Maureen Coakley. These are extremely hardy, sturdier than the average Delphinium, and come in the most exquisite colours. I have planted Highlander 'Moonlight', and it lives up to it's name, being the most beautiful mix of palest opal, lime green, sky blue, and lavender, with an unlikely hint of chocolate. Using it as a cut flower means it is at eye-level on the patio table and I can fully appreciate this wonderful colour mix.

Also in the vase are; Dahlia 'Emory Paul', the most edible shade of raspberry red imaginable, Symphiotrichum novi-belgii 'Marie Ballard' (commonly known as Aster - how I wish the powers that be would leave names alone!) with Eucalyptus gunnii 'Azura, and a solitary stem of Dahlia 'Hillcrest Royal'.

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