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Christmas trees

By roses382, Dec 24 2015 10:38AM

A few years back I planted four yew trees edging the driveway, with a view to shaping them as 'Christmas trees' onto which we could hang festive lights. As I may have mentioned before, I am not the most patient person, and I think it has probably taken about 5 years to get them to a shape that I felt was good enough

to put lights onto.

So I felt in a really cheery festive mood as I started to hang the lights on each tree. Four trees later, after spinning around each tree with 30 m. of cable, I was feeling decidedly queasy, as if I had been on the Spinning Barrel ride at Blackgang Chine. I had opted for solar lights and the first night they looked wonderful. Second night in, and only 2 of them lit, 3rd. night in and only one was working, with another stuck on flashing mode. Determined not to be beaten, I removed the solar lights, and sourced some waterproof LEDs. So then came another two dizzying sessions removing one lot and replacing them. My better half had offered to do it, but me being a bit of a perfectionist, I had a frightening vision of lights going up and down, sideways and backwards, and not the beautiful neat spiral I was aiming for.

Last night was the test, and as dusk fell I was feeling rather pleased with the final result (although a little tweaking on the Yew shape will be required before next Christmas, as one of them is decidedly fatter than the other three!).

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