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Caught red handed (or in this case, black pawed)

By roses382, Jun 29 2016 08:41AM

I had a sneaky suspicion that Sophie the Sausage dog was my pea thief, but she is quite crafty and I had never before 'seen her in action' as it were. I have made the mistake in the past, of chucking her the odd Mange Tout whilst picking them, and, being a typical Sausage, she eats anything that's going, including gooseberries (doesn't like the prickles much, but puts up with it!), low raspberries, strawberries that are uncovered, although most of them are under cages luckily. I have even seen her eating caterpillars and the odd fly if she is fast enough. Otto, the long haired Sausage, is much more refined in his tastes, but for Sophie, anything remotely edible is fair game. Now I don't mind her having the odd pea, a bit of greenery is good for her I am sure. But she doesn't just stop there; she actually eats the plants as they taste just the same, as anyone who has ever eaten pea shoots will know.

So, top of the job list today, is to get the ugly netting back out from the Potting Shed, in the hope of thwarting her. I am sure she will find a way around it, but I can but try....

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