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Autumn attractions

By roses382, Oct 31 2016 06:41AM

This October has really been a colourful one. The sun has shone, and it has continued to be mild with not too much in the way of wind. Autumn is my absolute favourite time in the garden, and I am always surprised and delighted as I think things will be starting to diminish, and things that have been sitting in the wings all summer suddenly burst forth with their autumn finery. Plants in this category include the deciduous Euonymus, late flowering Salvias, of which I have many now, and of course, the trees, which are now getting big enough to put on a fine show.

We have four fairly new beds at the back of the Potting Shed, two of which contain Dahlias. This winter I am planning to group these into better colours - one bed I have done this with: it is hot and fiery and contains the brightest. The other contains a combination of burgundy, white and salmon pink, all beautiful in their own right, but certainly not together! What was I thinking?! ( In the photo you can just glimpse a few of the chickens joining in after I have just dug up the Squash plants from the remaining two beds).

The second photo is the Squash Harvest for this year. I concentrated on growing the smaller varieties this year as I got a bit fed up struggling to cut up the bigger ones. But the harvest is smaller than expected, and I put this down to the cool start to the summer which meant they were slow to get going. But still, I foresee many pots of lovely winter soups and trays of roast Squash with Rosemary. Yum!

The third photo is a corner of the garden just outside the Conservatory, which contained a large once flowering Rugosa (Hansa) which was not my favourite so it came out. This spring we replaced with a mix of late colour/long flowering perennials, mixed in with a few annuals. One that pops up in this area is the soft orange Papaver Rubrifragum which really does flower all summer, and gently seeds around.

The Dahlia is a new favourite, Magenta Star, fading a bit now, but very bright earlier in the season. Also deep blue Salvia Concolor (thank you John, it has been wonderful), bright red Salvia 'Royal Bumble', Alstroemeria 'Orange Glory' and not forgetting the almost neon pink of the Euonymus alatus.

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